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Go Green

Go green is the new buzzword. But at Sullivan Service we've been green for years. Here are some of the ways we're working to be environmentally friendly.



  • As members of the industry thermostat-recycling program we recycle mercury thermostats. Whever a mercury thermostat is removed from a home it is recycled and the mercury is recovered and reused. The Thermostat Recycling Corporation is an industry-wide effort and we are proud to be one of the few Birmingham HVAC contractors to be a member. Mercury is a very bad actor in the environment, lasts for a long time and can move up the food chain. Humans usually get mercury by consuming fish. If you have an old thermostat drop it off at our office: 1619 2nd Avenue South and we will see it properly recycled.
  •  Programmable thermostats are an excellent way to conserve energy without sacraficing comfort. We offer a full line of Honeywell thermostats but prefer the Focus pro 6000 large screen. It has big numbers, is easy to program and remembers the program even after a power failure. Emerging as a cool new thermostat is the NEST. It "learns" your lifestyle and programs itself over time. The NEST even has a green leaf in the display when it is saving energy.


  •  For the last 20 years we have been recycling refrigerants. Every time we change a cooling system all the refirgerant is reclaimed, recycled, processed and reused. Releasing *Freon into the air has been shown to contribute to the enlargement of the hole in our atmosphere's ozone layer.
  • Since 2006 virtually every air conditioner we sell uses more environmentally friendly refrigerant. In that time scientists say the hole in the ozone layer is shrinking. It's nice to feel like part of the solution. If you are interested in knowing more read about the Montreal Protocol of 1987.

          * Freon is a trademark of Dupont Chemical refrigerant R-22.


  • High SEER air conditioning is a win-win for homeowners and the earth. Your electric bills go down when you have greater energy effieciency air conditioning. Alabama Power produces less electricity, burns less gas or coal and everybody benefits. Sullivan Service has been installing these systems in our customer's homes for decades.
  • Save money with heating too. A high-effieciency furnace or heat pump can reduce your winter utility bill, conserve our natural resources and keep you just as warm.
  • The government is offering a tax credit to taxpayers who purchase energy effiecient heating and cooling systems. Save money and save the planet, what's there not to like about that!


  • Our location in downtown is centered in our service area, close to suppliers and within a few blocks of every major interstate and highway in town. In three ways this is good for business and good for our earth.
  1. Shorter driving time uses less energy and creates less pollution.
  2. Interstate driving is more fuel efficient and helps to reduce pollution on the city streets. Within 6 blocks our trucks are moving at their most energy efficient level.
  3. Close proximity to suppliers is good for business, customers and the earth.
  • Computerized dispatch allows us to move technicians in the most efficient manner. Scheduling calls in close proximity benefits the business, our customers, and the planet.